3 Trends That Expanded the Real Estate Market in 2017

3 Trends That Expanded the Real Estate Market in 2017

With the recent changes over the past year in America, it seems as if President Donald Trump has kicked off the response to the results of the real estate market. In this guide, we will discuss some of the few predictions and trends that will be sure to influence the real estate market.


Drones will take over for home photographs

Ever wanted to know what the house looks like from the sky? Now’s the time to send out as drones are becoming more commonly used for various purposes in real estate. Drones are more effective in taking photos in a bird’s eye view and providing shots of the home’s best angles to help those features shine.

New Name for”Surban“ which is a mixed housing Community”

With the ever-changing styles of American houses, residential areas are taking to new heights and names of housing arrangements. This is meant to study the different types of homes and find houses, townhouses, flats, and other styles blended together in one community. These mixed housing areas are now called “urban,” which refers to the mix of suburban and urban living. People can work with all the modern amenities while still living in the urban environment.

Millennials Buying Homes

With more millennials looking to make their own first-time purchase, it is expected that they will be buying more homes within the next year. This is based on the information that describes how the generation has paid off their debt and student loans and has made enough savings for a down payment. Millennials are assumed to buy more housing than real estate agents might be ready for.


With these top 3 trends, we expect to see the rise of America’s real estate benefit even further. For now, we will just have to wait and see for the next outcome.